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Joel D. Kitchens, Associate Professor
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Evans, Room 1.111S


Caribbean and Atlantic Studies at TAMU (CAST)
by Anton DuPlessis, Rebecca Hankins, Joel Kitchens, Bill Page, Felicia Piscitelli - Last Updated Oct 7, 2014
Information about resources available for students and faculty working in Caribbean and Atlantic Studies at Texas A&M.
Tags: africa, african, african american, digital humanities, diversity, economics, literature, philosophy, religious studies, resourceguide, subjectguide
HIST 481 - Civil Rights, Cold War Politics and Decolonization
by Rebecca Hankins, Joel Kitchens - Last Updated Nov 13, 2014
This course explores the relationships between the mid-twentieth century civil rights struggles in the United Sates, the Cold War, and international decolonization and liberation movements.
HIST 481 - Title IX, Sports and Jim Crow
by Rebecca Hankins, Joel Kitchens, Laura Sare - Last Updated Apr 14, 2014
Prof. Obadele-Starks class on the Congressional Debate on Title IX and black newspapers and sports during Jim Crow era.
Tags: congress, congressional, congressman, history, law, laws, sports