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Popular Guides

A-Z Database List
by AskUs Libraries - Last Updated Apr 2, 2014
Complete list of subscribed electronic databases for TAMU Libraries
22,959 views this year
Research Guides
by Sean Buchanan - Last Updated Jan 28, 2013
19,227 views this year
Pharmacy: Key Information Resources
by Cathy Pepper - Last Updated Apr 7, 2014
13,298 views this year
ENGL 104 - Class Guide
by Stephanie Graves - Last Updated Apr 14, 2014
9,855 views this year
by Stephen Bales, Margaret Foster - Last Updated Mar 3, 2014
This page provides access and support for RefWorks, a tool for collecting, accessing, organizing, citing, and sharing research citations.
9,750 views this year
COMM 203 - Public Speaking
by Stephen Bales - Last Updated Apr 14, 2014
8,280 views this year
by Becky McKay - Last Updated Apr 4, 2014
7,254 views this year
by Learning and Outreach - Last Updated Feb 11, 2014
4,879 views this year
by Joel Kitchens - Last Updated Sep 3, 2013
Sources for historical research
4,705 views this year
WCL Business Database List
by Jared Hoppenfeld, Michael Smith, Joel Thornton - Last Updated Feb 18, 2014
4,630 views this year

Recently Published Guides

Hearne High School
by Tiana Okonkwo - Last Updated Apr 14, 2014
300 views this year
Caribbean and Atlantic Studies at TAMU (CAST)
by Anton DuPlessis, Rebecca Hankins, Joel Kitchens, Bill Page, Felicia Piscitelli - Last Updated Apr 10, 2014
Information about resources available for students and faculty working in Caribbean and Atlantic Studies at Texas A&M.
66 views this year
Snook High School
by Tiana Okonkwo - Last Updated Mar 28, 2014
This guide contains some videos and text incorporated from the Western Oregon University - Clip Template.
412 views this year
Edible Book Festival 2014
by Elizabeth German, Stephanie Graves - Last Updated Apr 3, 2014
Whether you like to play with your food or just like books, the Libraries invites you to join us for our first ever Edible Book Festival!
2,027 views this year
MEEN 624 - Two-Phase Flow & Heat Transfer
by Bruce Neville - Last Updated Apr 14, 2014
60 views this year
HIST 280-909: Historian's Craft: The Civil Rights Movement Reconsidered
by Rebecca Hankins - Last Updated Apr 14, 2014
Dr. Lisa Y. Ramos Spring 2014
221 views this year
Faculty Currents: Teaching with Technology 2014
by Susie Goodwin - Last Updated Feb 27, 2014
200 views this year
Roscoe ISD STEM Rural Consortium
by Rob McGeachin - Last Updated Feb 28, 2014
High School guide for Roscoe ISD STEM Rural Consortium program.
278 views this year
MGMT/CARC/ENGR 489 Innovative Product Development
by Jared Hoppenfeld - Last Updated Apr 18, 2014
Class guide with suggested resources for intellectual property research
199 views this year

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