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Popular Guides

A-Z Database List
by AskUs Libraries - Last Updated Feb 18, 2015
Complete list of subscribed electronic databases for TAMU Libraries
16,540 views this year
Pharmacy: Key Information Resources
by Cathy Pepper - Last Updated Mar 4, 2015
7,949 views this year
Research Guides
by Sean Buchanan - Last Updated Jan 28, 2013
6,784 views this year
by Stephen Bales, Margaret Foster - Last Updated Jan 12, 2015
This page provides access and support for RefWorks, a tool for collecting, accessing, organizing, citing, and sharing research citations.
4,608 views this year
by Suzanne Shurtz - Last Updated Mar 3, 2015
4,521 views this year
COMM 203 - Public Speaking
by Stephen Bales - Last Updated Jan 15, 2015
3,842 views this year
Citing Sources
by Susie Goodwin - Last Updated Jan 6, 2015
2,452 views this year
by Sean Buchanan - Last Updated Feb 19, 2015
2,399 views this year
WCL Business Database List
by Ashley Faulkner, Jared Hoppenfeld, Michael Smith - Last Updated Feb 2, 2015
2,260 views this year
Health & Kinesiology
by Margaret Foster, Derek Halling - Last Updated Jan 28, 2015
2,016 views this year

Recently Published Guides

OCNG 420 -Introduction to Biological Oceanography
by Rusty Kimball - Last Updated Mar 3, 2015
An Introduction to EndNote Online
13 views this year
Brazos Christian School
by Tiana Okonkwo - Last Updated Feb 23, 2015
43 views this year
Maps & GIS of Costa Rica
by Sierra Laddusaw, Cecilia Smith - Last Updated Feb 17, 2015
This guide is to support your projects and research conducted at the Texas A&M's Soltis Center for Research and Education in Costa Rica.
18 views this year
ECON 617 - Strategies of Multinational Firms
by Wendi Arant-Kaspar - Last Updated Feb 16, 2015
81 views this year
COMM 460/WGST 489 Gender, Media, and Modernity in East Asia
by Stephen Bales - Last Updated Feb 10, 2015
146 views this year
INTA 689 - Politics & History of the Arab Spring
by Wendi Arant-Kaspar - Last Updated Feb 9, 2015
75 views this year
ENGL 481.905: Senior Seminar: Afro-Arab Encounters in American Literature and Culture
by Rebecca Hankins - Last Updated Mar 1, 2015
Prof. Ira Dworkin's Spring 2015 course
97 views this year
INTA 689 - Politics & Practice of Democracy
by Wendi Arant-Kaspar - Last Updated Feb 5, 2015
18 views this year

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