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  • Datastream
    Datastream's financial data series' include derivatives such as futures and options... Easiest to find via the 'Navigator' tool (click orange magnifying glass icon to open).



Internet Resources

International Swaps and Derivatives Association

Their site includes a section listing OTC derivatives data sources across the web (see Research)

Bank for International Settlements

Detailed derivative statistics

Futures Magazine

A trade publication aimed at providing information for traders of commodities and financial futures, options, stocks and forex markets



Cover Art
Derivatives - David M. Weiss
Call Number: HG6024.A3 W45 2014
ISBN: 1591845726
Publication Date: 2014-07-31
A guide to understanding the complex derivatives market, by the acclaimed author of After the Trade is Made In today's highly charged and rapidly changing financial climate, derivatives are dominating global headlines. It is essential for financial professionals to have a strong grasp of the products, practices, and regulatory agencies associated with the complex derivatives market in order to keep up. In this book, financial expert David Weiss introduces readers to the basic concept of a derivative and offers a thorough examination of the many derivative products. Breaking down a complex market into its basic parts, he systematically explains the structure, usage, and value aspect of all the products constituting the derivatives universe, including: Credit Default Swaps (CDS) Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) Exchange-Traded Funds Currency Rates Swaps Options Futures Forwards For each of these types of derivatives, Weiss introduces the players in the market, outlines the mechanics of trading, and explains the role of regulation and oversight in the process. Written for portfolio managers, brokers, financial planners, and institutional investors, this book is an indispensable tool for today's investor and will leave readers better equipped to understand one of finance's most complex arenas.

Cover Art
Equity Derivatives Explained - Mohamed Bouzoubaa
ISBN: 113733553X
Publication Date: 2014-06-06
Equity Derivatives Explained is written in a clear, concise and down-to-earth manner by a long time practitioner and published author, this book delivers the necessary knowledge about equity derivatives for students, traders and finance professionals. Designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice by taking a risk centric approach, focusing on the fundamentals of why equity derivatives exist, the various strategies deployed and the aspects are most important to the relevant participants. Avoiding the typical long and complex theoretical and mathematical approaches, in favor of a direct, simple and intuitive approach, this introductory text offers an applied, practical and realistic approach to understanding equity derivatives. This book provides succinct but thorough coverage of the essentials of equity derivatives. It starts with an introduction on stock markets' fundamentals before opening the gate on the world of structured products. Delta-one products and options are covered in detail, providing readers with deep understanding of the use of equity derivatives strategies. Equity Derivatives Explained contains most of the traded payoffs and structures and covers all practical aspects of pricing and hedging. For each product, payoffs are accompanied by graphs, scenario analysis and real-life examples. The treatment of risks is performed in a very intuitive fashion and provides the reader with a great overview of how dealers approach such derivatives. The author also delivers various common sensical reasons on which models to use and when. By discussing equity derivatives in a practical, non–mathematical and highly intuitive setting, this book enables practitioners to fully understand and correctly structure, price and hedge theses products effectively, and stand strong as the only book in its class to make these equity-related concepts truly accessible.

Cover Art
Accounting for Derivatives and Hedging Activities - Frank J. Biel
ISBN: 1606495909
Publication Date: 2013-10-01
Derivatives, and derivatives used to hedge financial and operating functions, are designed to allow managers of firms to manage effectively the downside risk of their financial and operating strategies. They also can be very useful tools that allow managers and executives to accurately predict financial and operational performance and manage the investment communitiesâ™ âœexpectationsâ? regarding overall firm performance. Derivatives and hedges, however, if not properly designed in conjunction with the firmâ™s risk management strategy, can be potentially disastrous for the firm. The ongoing financial turmoil in markets can be partially explained by company managers and executives not understanding the potential financial statement impact when derivative markets move in a particular direction for longer periods of time than anticipated by firms. This book is designed for managers and executives to be a comprehensive yet accessible resource for understanding the impact of derivative and hedge accounting on a companyâ™s reporting of financial statements. The bookâ™s primary purpose is to demystify derivatives and provide practical advice and counsel on how to use them to manage more effectively the operational and financial risk to the firm. When used properly derivatives are an extremely effective tool that managers and executives can use to reduce uncertainty regarding the future.

Cover Art
Modeling and Pricing in Financial Merkets for Weather Derivatives - Fred Espen Benth; Jurate Saltyte Benth
ISBN: 9814401846
Publication Date: 2013-01-01
Weather derivatives provide a tool for weather risk management, and the markets for these exotic financial products are gradually emerging in size and importance. This unique monograph presents a unified approach to the modeling and analysis of such weather derivatives, including financial contracts on temperature, wind and rain. Based on a deep statistical analysis of weather factors, sophisticated stochastic processes are introduced modeling the time and space dynamics. Applying ideas from the modern theory of mathematical finance, weather derivatives are priced, and questions of hedging analyzed. The treatise contains an in-depth analysis of typical weather contracts traded at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), including so-called CDD and HDD futures. The statistical analysis of weather variables is based on a large data set from Lithuania. The monograph includes the research done by the authors over the last decade on weather markets. Their work has gained considerable attention, and has been applied in many contexts. Book jacket.

Cover Art
Risk-Based Investment Management in Practice - Frances Cowell
ISBN: 1137346396
Publication Date: 2013-11-28
Surely managing investments is a matter of taking calculated risks to give the best chance of a decent return? But how does it work in practice? Written by a practitioner with 30 years in investment management, both as portfolio manager and as Chief Risk Officer, Risk-Based Investment Management in Practice provides a comprehensive, jargon-free account of modern investment management, with a focus on how investment risk affects the decisions of professional investment managers. The book begins with the fundamentals of fund structures, investment objectives and strategy, and then moves on to disentangle portfolio selection practices and how effective risk management adds value, sorting out: - how investment risk is different from risk in banks - how investment risk models work - and sometimes don't work - what risk reports actually tell you - and what they do not - what value derivatives can add to performance and how and why they can unravel - how to differentiate genuine skill, from outcomes that are just lucky. Written in a practical and accessible way, the book addresses the key challenges of modern risk based investment management, and will appeal to investors of all levels as a guide and reference to this important area.

Cover Art
Derivatives Markets - Robert L. McDonald
Call Number: HG6024.A3 M394 2013
ISBN: 0321543084
Publication Date: 2012-09-06
To be financially literate in today's market, one must have a solid understanding of derivatives concepts and instruments and the uses of those instruments in corporations.  The Third Edition has an accessible mathematical presentation, and more importantly, helps readers gain intuition by linking theories and concepts together with an engaging narrative that emphasizes the core economic principles underlying the pricing and uses of derivatives.

Cover Art
International Corporate Finance - Laurent L. Jacque
ISBN: 1118781864
Publication Date: 2014-03-24
A thorough introduction to corporate finance from a renowned professor of finance and banking As globalization redefines the field of corporate finance, international and domestic finance have become almost inseparably intertwined. It's increasingly difficult to understand what is happening in capital markets without a firm grasp of currency markets, the investment strategies of sovereign wealth funds, carry trade, and foreign exchange derivatives products. International Corporate Finance offers thorough coverage of the international monetary climate, including Islamic finance, Asian banking, and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, the book offers keen insight on global capital markets, equity markets, and bond markets, as well as foreign exchange risk management and how to forecast exchange rates. Offers a comprehensive discussion of the current state of international corporate finance Provides simple rules and pragmatic answers to key managerial questions and issues Includes case studies and real-world decision-making situations For anyone who wants to understand how finance works in today's hyper-connected global economy, International Corporate Finance is an insightful, practical guide to this complex subject.

Cover Art
Mathematics of the Financial Markets - Alain Ruttiens
ISBN: 1118513452
Publication Date: 2013-08-05
The book aims to prioritise what needs mastering and presents the content in the most understandable, concise and pedagogical way illustrated by real market examples. Given the variety and the complexity of the materials the book covers, the author sorts through a vast array of topics in a subjective way, relying upon more than twenty years of experience as a market practitioner. The book only requires the reader to be knowledgeable in the basics of algebra and statistics. The Mathematical formulae are only fully proven when the proof brings some useful insight. These formulae are translated from algebra into plain English to aid understanding as the vast majority of practitioners involved in the financial markets are not required to compute or calculate prices or sensitivities themselves as they have access to data providers. Thus, the intention of this book is for the practitioner to gain a deeper understanding of these calculations, both for a safety reason - it is better to understand what is behind the data we manipulate - and secondly being able to appreciate the magnitude of the prices we are confronted with and being able to draft a rough calculation, aside of the market data. The author has avoided excessive formalism where possible. Formalism is securing the outputs of research, but may, in other circumstances, burden the understanding by non-mathematicians; an example of this case is in the chapter dedicated to the basis of stochastic calculus. The book is divided into two parts: -          First, the deterministic world, starting from the yield curve building and related calculations (spot rates, forward rates, discrete versus continuous compounding, etc.), and continuing with spot instruments valuation (short term rates, bonds, currencies and stocks) and forward instruments valuation (forward forex, FRAs and variants, swaps & futures); -          Second, the probabilistic world, starting with the basis of stochastic calculus and the alternative approach of ARMA to GARCH, and continuing with derivative pricing: options, second generation options, volatility, credit derivatives; -          This second part is completed by a chapter dedicated to market performance & risk measures, and a chapter widening the scope of quantitative models beyond the Gaussian hypothesis and evidencing the potential troubles linked to derivative pricing models.

Cover Art
Pricing and Hedging Financial Derivatives - Marroni Marroni; Leonardo Marroni; Irene Perdomo
ISBN: 1119954576
Publication Date: 2013-10-15
The only guide focusing entirely on practical approaches to pricing and hedging derivatives One valuable lesson of the financial crisis was that derivatives and risk practitioners don't really understand the products they're dealing with. Written by a practitioner for practitioners, this book delivers the kind of knowledge and skills traders and finance professionals need to fully understand derivatives and price and hedge them effectively. Most derivatives books are written by academics and are long on theory and short on the day-to-day realities of derivatives trading. Of the few practical guides available, very few of those cover pricing and hedging-two critical topics for traders. What matters to practitioners is what happens on the trading floor-information only seasoned practitioners such as authors Marroni and Perdomo can impart. Lays out proven derivatives pricing and hedging strategies and techniques for equities, FX, fixed income and commodities, as well as multi-assets and cross-assets Provides expert guidance on the development of structured products, supplemented with a range of practical examples Packed with real-life examples covering everything from option payout with delta hedging, to Monte Carlo procedures to common structured products payoffs The Companion Website features all of the examples from the book in Excel complete with source code


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