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Finance A-Z - Bonds   Tags: business, finance  

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Internet Resources

Investing In Bonds

Geared toward many types of investors--from beginners to experienced equity investors who are new to bonds to sophisticated bond is a unique source of bond price information and includes a wide variety of market data, news, commentary and information about bonds.

Securities Industries & Financial Markets Association

A commercial site, so some discretion is advised, but tons of information and tools available.

Bloomberg - United States Government Bonds

From Bloomberg, a quick one-stop location for some basic quotes related to U.S. government bonds.


  • Thomson One
    Under 'Screening & Analysis' you'll find "Bonds" within the 'Deals & League Tables' dropdown option. The "Bonds Search Library" will give you aggregate bond information by market, issue type, macro industry, fees or ratings.
  • NetAdvantage  Icon
    Access S&P Bond Reports using the Corporate Bond Screener tool.
  • Datastream Professional
    Allows you to chart various global benchmark bonds. To download data, you will need to have an Excel Add-on (information on how to download on the sign-in page) or come in to the library where we have a computer with this Excel Add-on designated for Datastream use.


Cover Art
Euro Bonds - Marida Bertocchi
ISBN: 9789814440158
Publication Date: 2013-09-11
Euro Bonds: Markets, Infrastructure and Trends presents the most recent developments in the Euro bond market. It discusses the problems of the Euro countries, the proposed solutions advocated by European as well as international institutions and investors. Particular emphasis is given to systemic risk and contagion as well as to specific innovative instruments such as structured financial products which protect various classes of investors. (-description from

Cover Art
A Guide to Asian High Yield Bonds - Florian H. A. Schmidt; Sharon Tay (As told to)
ISBN: 9781118502020
Publication Date: 2014-01-28
An up-to-date, comprehensive analysis of the high-yield bond market in Asia Beginning with a general definition of high-yield bond products and where they reside within the corporate capital structure, this newly updated guide looks at the development of high-yield bonds in the United States and Europe before analysing this sector in Asia. It covers issuer countries and industries, ratings, and size distributions, and also covers the diversification of the high-yield issuer universe. It includes a thorough technical analysis of high-yield bond structures commonly employed in Asian transactions, including discussion of the respective covenants and security packages that vary widely across the region. Chapters and sections new to this edition cover such subjects as high-yield bond restructuring, the new high-yield "Dim Sum" market, and the high-yield placement market shutdown of 2008 - 2009. Finally, the book looks at the new characteristics of Asian economies for indicators on how the high-yield market will develop there are the near future. Offers an extremely detailed analysis of Asia's high-yield bond market Features new and updated material, including new coverage of the key differences between Asian structures and United States structures Ideal for CFOs of companies contemplating high-yield issuance, as well as investment bankers, bank credit analysts, portfolio managers, and institutional investors

Cover Art
The Handbook of Hybrid Securities - Convertible Bonds, Coco Bonds and Bail-In - Wim Schoutens; Cynthia Van Hulle; Jan de Spiegeleer
ISBN: 9781118449998
Publication Date: 2014-05-27
Introducing a revolutionary new quantitative approach to hybrid securities valuation and risk management To an equity trader they are shares. For the trader at the fixed income desk, they are bonds (after all, they pay coupons, so what's the problem?). They are hybrid securities. Neither equity nor debt, they possess characteristics of both, and carry unique risks that cannot be ignored, but are often woefully misunderstood. The first and only book of its kind, The Handbook of Hybrid Securities dispels the many myths and misconceptions about hybrid securities and arms you with a quantitative, practical approach to dealing with them from a valuation and risk management point of view. Describes a unique, quantitative approach to hybrid valuation and risk management that uses new structural and multi-factor models Provides strategies for the full range of hybrid asset classes, including convertible bonds, preferreds, trust preferreds, contingent convertibles, bonds labeled "additional Tier 1," and more Offers an expert review of current regulatory climate regarding hybrids, globally, and explores likely political developments and their potential impact on the hybrid market The most up-to-date, in-depth book on the subject, this is a valuable working resource for traders, analysts and risk managers, and a indispensable reference for regulators

Cover Art
Encyclopedia of Municipal Bonds - Joe Mysak
ISBN: 9781118006757
Publication Date: 2012-01-03
An accessible reference that explores every aspect of the municipal bond market Until now, there has been no accessible encyclopedia, dictionary, nor guide to the world of municipal bonds. Comprehensive and objective, this groundbreaking volume covers the history and mechanics of the municipal market in clear and understandable terms. It covers all aspects of the market, including pricing, trading, taxation issues and yields, as well as topical events such as the financial crisis, hysteria about defaults and Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy, fraud, and regulation. Encyclopedia of Municipal Bonds also contains entries on important historical events and provides much-needed context for this field. Everything you ever wanted to know about municipal bonds in one comprehensive resource Joe Mysak is the author of the Bloomberg bestseller Handbook for Muni Issuers Demystifies the world of municipal bonds for both the novice and professional investor Explores issues such as the Orange County bankruptcy, the Jefferson County default, the New York City financial crisis, and the surprisingly recent creation of the modern municipal market Encyclopedia of Municipal Bonds offers an essential reference guide for investors, professionals, regulators, insurers, and anyone else involved in the municipal bond market.

Cover Art
Bond Math - Donald J. Smith
ISBN: 9781576603062
Publication Date: 2011-07-26
A guide to the theory behind bond math formulas Bond Math explores the ideas and assumptions behind commonly used statistics on risk and return for individual bonds and on fixed income portfolios. But this book is much more than a series of formulas and calculations; the emphasis is on how to think about and use bond math. Author Donald J. Smith, a professor at Boston University and an experienced executive trainer, covers in detail money market rates, periodicity conversions, bond yields to maturity and horizon yields, the implied probability of default, after-tax rates of return, implied forward and spot rates, and duration and convexity. These calculations are used on traditional fixed-rate and zero-coupon bonds, as well as floating-rate notes, inflation-indexed securities, and interest rate swaps. Puts bond math in perspective through discussions of bond portfolios and investment strategies. Critiques the Bloomberg Yield Analysis (YA) page, indicating which numbers provide reliable information for making decisions about bonds, which are meaningless data, and which can be very misleading to investors Filled with thought-provoking insights and practical advice, this book puts the intricacies of bond math into a clear and logical order.


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