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Critical Issues in Taxation and Development - Clemens Fuest (Editor); George R. Zodrow (Editor)
ISBN: 0262018977
Publication Date: 2013-04-12
Many developing countries find it difficult to raise the revenue required to providesuch basic public services as education, health care, and infrastructure. Complicating the policychallenges of taxation in developing countries are issues that most developed countries do not face,including widespread corruption, tax evasion and tax avoidance, and ineffective politicalstructures. In this volume, experts investigate crucial challenges confronted by developingcountries in raising revenue. After a comprehensive and insightful overview, each chapter usesmodern empirical methods to study a single critical issue essential to understanding the effects oftaxes on development. Topics addressed include the effect of taxation on foreign direct investment;forms of corruption, tax evasion, and tax avoidance that are specific to developing countries; andissues related to political structure, including the negative effects of fiscal decentralization onthe effectiveness of developmental aid and the relationship between democracy and taxation in Asian,Latin American, and European Union countries that have recently experienced both political andeconomic transitions. Contributors:Clemens Fuest, TimothyGoodspeed, Shafik Hebous, Michael Keen, Christian Lessmann, Boryana Madzharova, Giorgia Maffini,Gunther Markwardt, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Paola Profeta, Riccardo Puglisi, Nadine Riedel, SimonaScabrosetti, Johannes Stroebel, Mirco Tonin, Arthur van Benthem, Li Zhang, George Zodrow

Cover Art
The Death of the Income Tax - Daniel S. Goldberg
Call Number: HJ4652 .G59 2013
ISBN: 0199948801
Publication Date: 2013-05-21
The Death of the Income Tax explains how the current income tax is needlessly complex, contains perverse incentives against saving and investment, fails to use modern technology to ease compliance and collection burdens, and is subject to micromanaging and mismanaging by Congress. DanielGoldberg proposes that the solution to the problems of the current income tax is completely replacing it with a progressive consumption tax collected electronically at the point of sale.

Cover Art
Tax Systems - Joel Slemrod; Christian Gillitzer
ISBN: 0262026724
Publication Date: 2014-02-03
Despite its theoretical elegance, the standard optimal tax model has significantlimitations. In this book, Joel Slemrod and Christian Gillitzer argue that tax analysis must movebeyond the emphasis on optimal tax rates and bases to consider such aspects of taxation asadministration, compliance, and remittance. Slemrod and Gillitzer explore whatthey term a tax-systems approach, which takes tax evasion seriously; revisits the issue ofremittance, or who writes the check to cover tax liability (employer or employee, retailer orconsumer); incorporates administrative and compliance costs; recognizes a range of behavioralresponses to tax rates; considers nonstandard instruments, including tax base breadth andenforcement effort; and acknowledges that tighter enforcement is sometimes a more socially desirableway to raise revenue than an increase in statutory tax rates. Policy makers, Slemrod and Gillitzerargue, would be well advised to recognize the interrelationship of tax rates, bases, enforcement,and administration, and acknowledge that tax policy is really tax-systems policy.

Cover Art
Environmental Taxes and Fiscal Reform - Gustavo Piga (Contribution by); Laura Castellucci (Editor); Anil Markandya (Editor)
Call Number: HJ5316 .E58165 2013
ISBN: 0230392393
Publication Date: 2012-12-07
The best fiscal system for a country is the one that allows maximum revenue in the long run, satisfying both efficiency and equity. Environmental taxes are consistent with these criteria. Not only it is fair to tax "bads," such as pollution or excessive use of natural resources, rather than "goods," such as labor and profits, it is a known result in the received literature that green taxes have a positive effect on the development and diffusion of new technologies. GDP (and possibly employment) increases will follow, which in turn secure an increase in the long run tax revenue.This book aims to encourage the study of fiscal reforms – consistent with ongoing environmental problems - by addressing a variety of efficiency and equity related issues under different perspectives and in relation to different countries. Moreover the book emphasizes that "green tax reform" requires further action than the introduction of one or two green taxes.

Cover Art
Excise Taxation and the Origins of Public Debt - D'Maris Coffman
ISBN: 1137371544
Publication Date: 2013-10-31
This book offers a wholesale reinterpretation of both the introduction of excise taxation in Great Britain in the 1640s and the genesis of the Financial Revolution of the 1690s. By analysing hitherto unpublished manuscript and print sources, D'Maris Coffman resolves divergent accounts of these constitutionally problematic but fiscally significant new taxes. Parliament's success at imposing on a deeply divided kingdom an extra-legal species of indirect taxation, which hitherto had been a constitutional anathema and a political impossibility, remains one of the most striking features of the period. A fresh reading of William Petty's Treatise on Taxes illustrates the development of an indigenous discourse in defence of the tax state. By highlighting the importance of fiscal innovation during the Civil Wars and Interregnum for the development of the fiscal state in Britain, this study challenges 'stylised facts' about the economic significance of 1688/89. The final chapter delivers new insight into why the eighteenth-century British public accepted both unprecedented levels of government borrowing and one of the heaviest tax burdens in Western Europe. Coffman reveals how a 'new financial history,' rooted in closely contextualised studies, can contribute to current debates about sustainable levels of taxation and to fundamental questions of economic theory.

Cover Art
The Growth Experiment Revisited - Lawrence B. Lindsey
ISBN: 0465050700
Publication Date: 2013-09-10
The first edition of The Growth Experiment, originally published in 1990 as a response to critics of the Reagan-era tax cuts, became a kind of bible for proponents of supply-side economics. This new and updated edition, which explores the economic effects of America’s tax policy over the last five presidential administrations, makes a bold and timely argument against the centerpiece of Obama’s economic policy—increasing taxes on the wealthy. Lawrence Lindsey provides a data-rich argument showing that because of changes in human behavior prompted by tax cuts, lowering taxes on the wealthy “costs” the treasury far less than most economists calculate and creates an economic boon to middle and lower income earners. Sure to be controversial, The Growth Experiment Revisited is essential reading for anyone looking to understand the arguments at the heart of this most fractious of American policy debates.

Cover Art
An Introduction to China's Taxation - Hong Yang (Editor)
ISBN: 9814332011
Publication Date: 2012-02-29
Tailor-made for academics, professors, researchers, and students, this guide is an excellent introduction to China’s tax system. Providing a comprehensive picture of the principles and structures behind the tax system, it also offers information about its history—from the economic recovery period through the Socialist Transformation to the Reform. Focusing on tax rates, taxpayers, and tax incentives, this account describes in detail how taxation developed in China and how it works today.

Cover Art
Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizations - Michael I. Sanders
ISBN: 1118317114
Publication Date: 2013-09-16
A comprehensive, revised, and expanded guide covering tax-exempt organizations engaging in joint ventures Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizations, Fourth Edition examines the liability of, and consequences to, exempt organizations participating in joint ventures with for-profit and other tax-exempt entities. This authoritative guide provides unbridled access to relevant IRC provisions, Treasury regulations, IRS rulings, and pertinent judicial decisions and legislative developments that impact exempt organizations involved in joint ventures. Features in depth analysis of the IRS's requirements for structuring joint ventures to protect a nonprofit's exemption as well as to minimize UBIT Includes sample models, checklists, and numerous citations to Internal Revenue Code sections, Treasury Regulations, case law, and IRS rulings Presents models, guidelines, and suggestions for structuring joint ventures and minimizing the risk of audit Contains detailed coverage of: new Internal Revenue Code requirements impacting charitable hospitals including Section 501(r) and related provisions; university ventures, revised Form 990, with a focus on nonprofits engaged in joint ventures; the IRS's emphasis on good governance practices; international activities by nonprofits; and a comprehensive examination of the New Market Tax Credits and Low Income Housing Tax Credits arena Written by a noted expert in the field, Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizations, Fourth Edition is the most in-depth discussion of this critical topic.

Cover Art
More Than Revenue - Inter-American Development Bank Staff (Editor); Ana Corbacho (Editor); Vicente Fretes Cibils (Editor); Eduardo Lora (Editor)
Call Number: HJ2460.5 .M67 2013
ISBN: 1137294833
Publication Date: 2013-03-19
Taxation in Latin America is largely viewed as a means of generating income to keep the government in business. In recent years, progress has been made towards increasing total revenue, but most countries in the region still lag well behind other countries with similar levels of development. More importantly, Latin American policymakers still largely ignore the potential of taxation to contribute to other important development goals. Yet dependence on consumption taxes such as the VAT and the regressive bent of the personal income tax structure have squandered the opportunity to attack the region's serious income inequality. In addition, the importance of efficiency in taxation has also been underestimated with a proliferation of inefficient ad hoc taxes such as those on bank transactions and exports. Governments have repeatedly missed the chance to influence consumption and production patterns by using taxes to effect relative price changes. More than Revenue aims to provide an up-to-date overview of the current state of taxation in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, its main reform needs, and possible reform strategies that take into account the likely economic, institutional, and political constraints on the reform process.

Cover Art
Tax Expenditure Management - Mark Burton; Kerrie Sadiq
ISBN: 1107007364
Publication Date: 2013-02-14
A tax expenditure is a 'tax break' allowed to a taxpayer or group of taxpayers, for example, by way of concession, deduction, deferral or exemption. The tax expenditure concept, as it was first identified, was designed to demonstrate the similarity between direct government spending on the one hand and spending through the tax system on the other. The identification of benefits provided through the tax system as tax expenditures allows analysts to consider the fiscal significance of those parts of the tax system which do not contribute to the primary purpose of raising revenue. Although a seemingly simple concept, it has generated a range of complex definitional and practical issues, and this book identifies and critically assesses the controversial aspects of tax expenditure and tax expenditure management.


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