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Popular Guides

A-Z Database List
by AskUs Libraries - Last Updated Jan 27, 2015
Complete list of subscribed electronic databases for TAMU Libraries
4,580 views this year
Pharmacy: Key Information Resources
by Cathy Pepper - Last Updated Jan 30, 2015
3,625 views this year
Research Guides
by Sean Buchanan - Last Updated Jan 28, 2013
1,966 views this year
COMM 203 - Public Speaking
by Stephen Bales - Last Updated Jan 15, 2015
1,903 views this year
by Becky McKay - Last Updated Jan 16, 2015
1,803 views this year
by Stephen Bales, Margaret Foster - Last Updated Jan 12, 2015
This page provides access and support for RefWorks, a tool for collecting, accessing, organizing, citing, and sharing research citations.
1,298 views this year
by Learning and Outreach - Last Updated Feb 11, 2014
1,063 views this year
by Sean Buchanan - Last Updated Apr 24, 2014
1,004 views this year
Finding Theses and Dissertations
by Digital Services and Scholarly Communication - Last Updated Apr 3, 2013
How to locate theses and dissertations at Texas A&M University and beyond.
912 views this year
Veterinary Medicine
by Heather Moberly, Laura Rey - Last Updated Sep 19, 2014

Medical Sciences Library



890 views this year

Recently Published Guides

STLC 102
by Sarah LeMire, Tiana Okonkwo - Last Updated Feb 1, 2015
0 views this year
COMM/AFST 425: Rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement
by Rebecca Hankins - Last Updated Jan 28, 2015
Prof. Kristan Poirot Spring 2015 W course
17 views this year
VTPP 925 - Veterinary Pharmacology II
by Heather Moberly - Last Updated Jan 26, 2015
Spring 2015

Medical Sciences Library



75 views this year
PSYC 346 - Psychology of Language
by Diana Ramirez - Last Updated Jan 23, 2015
70 views this year
GEOL 320 - Geology for Engineers
by Rusty Kimball - Last Updated Jan 22, 2015
26 views this year
AGEC 639 - Comparative Global Standards in Food Systems
by Deva E.Reddy - Last Updated Jan 22, 2015
The purpose of this guide is to enable students to find and access various electronic databases and electronic journals relevant to AGEC 639 .
10 views this year
Library Resources for TAMHSC: Round Rock Campus
by Derek Halling, Cathy Pepper - Last Updated Jan 7, 2015
This page is dedicated to connecting students, faculty, and staff at the Round Rock campus to library resources that are particularly relevant for them.
15 views this year
Faculty Currents: Higher Education News and Resources
by Susie Goodwin - Last Updated Jan 14, 2015
Keep up-to-date with the latest news and research in the field of higher education.
17 views this year
Faculty Currents: Teaching with Technology 2012
by Susie Goodwin - Last Updated Jan 6, 2015
Presentation for Texas A&M University's Teaching with Technology Conference
15 views this year

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